Install Windows 7/8 using USB drive and Unetbootin

I wanted to get a clean install of Windows 7 via a USB drive/stick, but for some reason the official Windows USB/DVD Download Tool wouldn't accept the ISO I selected. So, then it's time for Unetbootin. Selected the ISO, selected my USB drive, waited for a couple of minutes and I had a working USB install drive. So I thought... I booted the USB and got into a Unetbootin boot manager, but it wouldn't go anywhere from there. So I read up about this and it turns out I had to format the USB drive in NTFS to get it to work.

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Dell and Sigmatel audio drivers - How to get your stereo mix working

I've got an amazing (ahum) Dell Precision at work, and I like to keep it as stable as possible by using the best drivers for it. Unfortunately, Windows 7 can't recognise the right driver for it, so it uses the default windows audio drivers. After a bit of searching I found out that my Dell Precision uses a Sigmatel chipset. Never heard of it, and there's probably a reason for that.

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