Review Pannovo M520

Cheapest Sportscam with External Mic Available! ...but is it decent? I think it's fairly okay. The video isn't the best but I think with a better mic the audio will be pretty good. Having the mic in the back of my helmet gives it the best quality it seems. They're available on DealExtreme: Specs: Pannovo M520 (Also known as ACT25) 720p, 120 degree view angle Settings can be changed via a .ini file Mine didn't come with a manual unfortunately.

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Videopad Editor crashes on importing videos

I've happily used Videopad for editing my videos, but with the latest version (3.14), it crashes whenever I want to import a video. I've made a video (not using Videopad) to show what happens: Does anyone know how to fix this, or what the issue is?


Memory speed and bandwidth convert table

2017 Update: Added DDR4 Ram.

One thing that frustrates me when I want to select parts for my possible future pc is to match the memory speeds/bandwidth. Typicaly you see them either as PC-XXXX (like PC3-16000) or in MHz (like 2000MHz), but I lose track of the different formats. So, here's a convert table:
Bandwidth Speed in MHz
PC2100 266 MHz
PC2700 333 MHz
PC3200/PC2-3200 400 MHz
PC2-4200 533 MHz
PC2-5300 667 MHz
PC2-6400 800 MHz
PC2-7200 1066 MHz
PC2-8500/PC3-8500 1066 MHz
PC3-10600 1333 MHz
Bandwidth Speed in MHz
PC3-12800 1600 MHz
PC3-14900 1866 MHz
PC3-16000 2000 MHz
PC3-17000 2133 MHz
PC3-17066 2133 MHz
PC3-19200 2400 MHz
PC3-21300 2666 MHz
PC3-22400 2800 MHz
Bandwidth Speed in MHz
PC4-12800 1600 MHz
PC4-14900 1866.67 MHz
PC4-17000 2133.33 MHz
PC4-19200 2400 MHz


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