Looking for a good calendar converter?

There are still countries in this world that use an other calendar than the one 'we' use. 'We' use the Gregorian calendar, but there are all sorts of other calendars. The most wellknown is the Mayan calendar. Now, there is a nifty website which allows you to convert dates from a particular calendar to a gregorian date, or the other way around. You can choose from these types of calendars: Mayan calendar converter Hebrew calendar converter Coptic calendar converter Ethiopian calendar converter Iranian calendar converter Islamic calendar converter Julian calendar converter Minguo calendar converter Thai solar calendar converter

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Sharegroundz is reborn

After a few years I've decided to throw the old Sharegroundz out of the door. The stuff that was on it was available on sites that are many times better than mine. So, now it'll become a blog about the stuff I come across the internet and like, and therefor, want to share.

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