My First Android Game

A bit more than a week ago I started diving into the world of programming games. With my first concept made in Android Studio I quickly came to the conclusion it would be too much work to write everything from scratch and decided to restart the project in Unity. Now, a week later I proudly can say that I've made a game. It's my take on the (once) insanely popular game Flappy Bird. You fly around avoiding objects and score points. Make sure you get more points than your friends! Also, in future updates there will be power-ups and power-downs, so make sure to get the game now and watch it evolve!, also remember that online casino can bring a lot fun check the audit of planet 7 casino; promos, games and banking options. Get it on Google Play

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PHP and Header redirects - Issue with ampersands

Update 08-10-2012: Apparently WordPress formatted the &'s the wrong way, so my code didn't make any sense. That's fixed now. For one of my websites I want to use a header redirect to external urls. I want to use a custom script because I don't want to give those links a higher pagerank by backlinking to them. So, normally you would have this script:

$url = 'http://www.somewebsite/index.php?options=with&more=parameters&and=stuff'; 
header('location: ' . $url);

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.NET Validators: How to set them as 'display: none;' instead of 'visibility: hidden;'

I came across the issue that .Net would set the validators as a hidden span, using 'visibilty: hidden;', rather than really not displaying at all. After a simple search I came to the conclusion that you should set the Display property to Dynamic instead of static. Problem solved. 🙂

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jQuery Autocomplete: How To Search From The Start

I came across a problem using the autocomplete function in jQuery. I use a search for countries, and I want the result to start with the letter I fill in the textbox, but instead, I got all the results containing the user input. I spent some time searching for an answer, but I couldn't find anything, so I started to look in the source (in my case: jquery-ui-1.8.9-custom.min.js). In the autocomplete function, I ended up changing this: filter:function(a,b){var f=new RegExp(d.ui.autocomplete.escapeRegex(b),"i"); to this: filter:function(a,b){var f=new RegExp("^" + d.ui.autocomplete.escapeRegex(b),"i"); Now it finally works properly.

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