Dell and Sigmatel audio drivers – How to get your stereo mix working

I’ve got an amazing (ahum) Dell Precision at work, and I like to keep it as stable as possible by using the best drivers for it.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 can’t recognise the right driver for it, so it uses the default windows audio drivers. After a bit of searching I found out that my Dell Precision uses a Sigmatel chipset. Never heard of it, and there’s probably a reason for that.

Also, the driver I found on the Dell website are not sufficient, because they don’t allow you to record a stereo mix (as in: You record what you hear over your speakers/headphones). That’s quite annoying, and another reason not to buy a Dell. Ever.

But ofcourse there is a solution to that, and that is to use a good driver.

Here it is! A working Sigmatel driver

Just unzip, install, reboot, and voila, there is your stereo mix option!

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