YouTube Monetization: How to get your League Of Legends Video monetized

League Of Legends monetization

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been uploading some videos of me playing League Of Legends. I want to get some change out of it, so I tried to monetize it. After a day or 2 I got an e-mail from YouTube denying ads on my video because they don’t know if I’ve got the rights to the video.

After that I’ve spend some time searching in legal notices, ToS’, and stuff like that, but I couldn’t find anything on the League Of Legends website. But then I stumbled across this:

I finally found it, because it specificly says:
No Licensing. Generally, you cannot license your videos to any third party for a fee or other value without our approval. However, there are important exceptions:
Partner programs with YouTube or the following streaming websites:,,,, (no prior permission from us required).

So there you have it. If your video gets denied, just send in a link to the Riot Games website, put some additional information in it and ads should be appearing in your videos.

Good luck monetizing!

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