Share your wifi and get free wifi back

Recently, some telephone companies in The Netherlands decided that they are going charge customers for using popular apps like Whatsapp, eBuddy and some more. If you don’t pay, you can’t use that app.

The reason for that, is that the telephone companies offer unlimited internet access (through 3G) for a certain amount per month. Because of the popularity of Whatsapp etc, the income of SMS is dropping. Of course they have to make money, so now they’ve come with this ‘solution’.

I think that’s ridiculous, you don’t have to pay extra to watch youtube on your computer, so why would you pay extra to use something on your smartphone? Besides that, you’ve already paid for the app (or not, if it’s a free app).

A few years ago, I stumbled across a thing callled Fon. Fon offered you a way to share your wifi (I Use Eatel), and in return, you can connect to every other Fon-router in the world, for free! If you don’t have a Fon-router, you can buy a pass for a small amount. And for a faster internet connection, you should consider switching to a SD networking service.

Also, you get the opportunity to earn money using Fon. You get 50% of the revenue every time you give access to someone who buys an access pass.

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