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The iPhone 5 is coming, is it really that good?

The new Apple iPhone is coming. With the Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia and several other smartphones, Apple has to keep up the pace. Will they succeed? I myself am particularly not a fan of Apple. I dislike their mindset, find their use of iTunes annoying and will probably not get the iPhone myself. But

Looking for a good calendar converter?

There are still countries in this world that use an other calendar than the one ‘we’ use. ‘We’ use the Gregorian calendar, but there are all sorts of other calendars. The most wellknown is the Mayan calendar. Now, there is a nifty website which allows you to convert dates from a particular calendar to a

How To Fix Facebook

Alright, facebook has been very annoying lately, with the new top stories stuff no-one cares about. So here’s how to fix it. Go to your account settings -> notifications, and make sure the box is NOT ticked, like this: Now you’ll have your good old facebook back, with all the messages in chronological order, instead

Blast from the past: SimCopter

I recently started playing Simcopter again. It’s a game from 1996, and around 1997 or 1998 I’ve played it for the first time, and I only had the demo. Still, I thought it was an amazing game. And I still think it is. Sure it has some flaws and bugs, but the gameplay remains great.

Linux celebrates it’s 20th birthday!

Yes, it’s 20 years ago that Linus Torvalds decided to bring his hobby to the public. In his first e-mail it’s clear that he didn’t it could get as big as it is today. It’s also funny to see that he stated that his OS ‘probably never will support anything other than AT-harddisks’, because he